The Baddest of House Cannabis

superbad house cannabis flower bags keep things classy with 3.5 grams of the baddest, 100% indoor grown, always consistent, single strain flower.

Our Indicas

Our indica strains are critical for optimum relaxation. superbad indicas are mild in aroma, but potent in nature.


-superCritical- Grrranimals

Our Sativas

superbad sativas are emblematic a good time. These strains are the essentials for a creative mind during the day or an invigorating night out. 


We are growing new exciting strains coming soon

Our Hybrids

Balanced in nature, our hybrids are the yin-yang strains. Stay poised, and level headed with superbad hybrid strains. 


-superB- Wedding Cake
-superStrawnana- Strawberry Banana

Check your local superbad inc. retailer for more information on specific strains

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