superbad inc. + Vertical spearhead "ByeCovid" event in Compton, CA.

On October 17, 2020 superbad inc. and Vertical spearheaded the ByeCOVID movement to help local communities gain access to COVID-19 testing as well as other general medical testing/treatments. 

ByeCovid is a national touring event that targets densely populated, underpriveliged communities to help fight the spread of COVID, as well as being a medical resource for those who may not have access to healthcare services. 

General moral, and mental wellbeing is also a major part of the ByeCOVID movement. Providing a safe, approachable, welcoming space for community members to recieve medical attention is integral in making the protocol a success. As ByeCOVID moves throughout the country it will remain important to keep a positive sense of community and respect for others.  

Vertical and superbad inc. look forward to attending, promoting, and creating more events like ByeCOVID in the future. Please feel free to contact us with other events important to you or the community that we should know about.

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